History of Love



Hearing disabled, seventeen-year-old Iva, her older brother and younger sister, has lost her mother in an accident, and the whole family is in agony, not making it easier when she finds out that her mother kept secrets from them.

Sonja Prosenc’s History of Love (original title Zgodovina ljubezni), a story of a young woman coming to terms with the death of her mother, is a 2018 Slovenian drama film, which has been submitted for consideration in the international feature Oscar category.

Prosenc’s second feature was chosen by a jury from the Association of Slovenian Filmmakers, who said it was “an unconventional film, characterized by the superb contributions of all team members who were so clearly tuned into a single story, it would be difficult to add or take anything away.”

DIRECTOR’S NOTE: In History of Love I venture away from a kind of a commentary on a social issue into an intimate tale of Iva and her family. But the urge to explore the characters’ inability to connect with each other in the worst moments of their lives still derives from a reflection on the society: currently prevalent nihilism, violence and emotional detachment. / SONJA PROSENC

History of Love is the first co-production between Slovenia, Italy, and Norway, with authors and actors from all three countries.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence, the Embassy of Slovenia in The Hague is happy to join the Eunic Filmdagen!

History of Love / Zgodovina ljubezni
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With Doroteja Nadrah, Kristoffer Joner, Matej Zemljič

Director: Sonja Prosenc

Producers: Rok Sečen, Sonja Prosenc

Cinematographer: Mitja Ličen

Sound: Riccardo Spagnol, Julij Zornik, Gisle Tveito

Editor: Frida Eggun Michaelsen